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Autumn's End

Days of basking, perfect, golden light,

all the air aglow, warmed above,

below, by flaming canopies and

carpets richly strewn.

Earth’s goodness funneled, heaped

upon this season’s glory,

tinged, though ‘tis, with wistfulness,

a treasure all the more for this, when

light is shortened and night

comes swiftly in.

Sunset rays are met

with rising chill, while still,

earth lies to gaze upon her crown—

clear-sparkled sky,

a circlet set, a master dome,

the very world to awe.

Faint-echoing strains, as from a

starry shower or church bells of

steeple tower nestled

behind the hills, a song

from time’s foundation seems

to peal upon the frosted air.

Praised be the Lord

for life-bursting summer days

and autumn’s gloried splendor!

Praise Him, too, full equally for

time of winter rest,

for upward gazing through

darkest nights.

We wait, therein,

His surest coming

—certain as the dawn—

the world’s true Light.

Sr. Cecilia Francis, CFR


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