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Whose Daughter?

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

By the wayside He found me:

darkness on the face of the deep.

He sits down and asks for a drink,

"I thirst."

I went down to the spring and filled my jar

but the water is bitter and cannot be drunk.

All the waters of the Nile are turned to blood

and they have no wine.

Strike the rock, pierce its side

out flows blood and water

Fill the jars to the brim

for man is born of water and the Spirit.

The tree in the water, the bitter is made sweet

taste the water, now the best of wines.

My blood is real drink

he who believes shall never thirst.

Living Water wells up

and I fill my jar, "Drink my Lord."

"Whose daughter are you?" He asks

as He drinks from my stream by the wayside.

And therefore He lifts up His head

…looking up to Heaven

and He bows it

"It is finished, My Sister, My Bride."

Mother Clare, CFR


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