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A Time For Mercy

“This is the time of God’s mercy. I’m not saying this because I’m named after the Apostle of Mercy, but because this is the time of His mercy – yes it’s a hard mercy, but it also is a gentle mercy. It’s a mercy that asks each one of us, whether we are old, young, rich, poor, African, English, American, believer, agnostic or atheist to stop, get off our treadmill of life, take a breath and reassess – and take a look at these questions:

‘What is important? Do I love as I want to love? Do I love Love as He should be loved?’ It’s a new time to look at our families again and to appreciate them for who they are, not for what they do. To ask the question: ‘Am I happy with the way things were going?’

It’s not a time to be bogged down with how I should have been better. It’s a time to begin again and to love anew and to never go back. Simply keep going forward; surrender to Love Himself.”

So I have been sharing this message with all those who will listen. It makes me smile to think of all I have spoken to: the people who come to our door for assistance, teachers dropping off food for the pantry, our benefactors dropping off more food, the unsuspecting policeman inquiring about a former incident, the Hungarian employee dealing with our airline cancellation and his Indian counterpart. …I could go on, but you get the point!

Why am I tackling everyone? Because in a new way, with this total change in my normal way of life, I realize again that time is short and mercy is for right now. I believe I have received the grace of freedom to proclaim this message to absolutely everyone. We tend to wear our heart on our sleeves, and if God is my heart, then I have to take every opportunity to proclaim him – loud and clear – but of course always with mercy and gentleness.

And what sort of responses have I received? …Well, I’ll share some of these with you:

“I used to put God in the back place. I didn’t mean to, but my profession took over. After this, I will never miss a Sunday service again. I tell the kids this is the time to lean into God.”

“I’ve never prayed before, but I will pray with you.”

“I know you love me.”

“I’m scared. I haven’t left my house in days,…but I will pray now.”

“Let’s pray for the world.”

I have been very touched by the many beautiful moments in which God’s mercy broke into these conversations. I hope that I never go back, but rather take every opportunity to proclaim His mercy.

May His mercy continue using each one of us to touch everyone and bring them to the stage of knowing Love Himself!

“Love has let Himself be found.”

Sr. Faustina, CFR



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