Missionary Program

Inspired by the Gospel mandate to give up everything and follow Christ (Matthew 19:21), the St. Michael's Missionaries are called to live a life of prayer, community, and works of mercy. Following in the footsteps of St. Francis of Assisi who heard the words of Jesus spoken from the cross "Rebuild my Church," the missionaries are dedicated to restoring the dignity of the human person through a dynamic relationship of love and mercy with one another and with the poor. They work alongside the Franciscan Sisters of the Renewal in the community's different apostolates in Atlantic City and share in various aspects of their community and prayer life. The missionaries live at the Fr. Benedict House, where most of the service to the poor takes place. The Fr. Benedict House is named after Fr. Benedict Groeschel, CFR,
one of the eight founders of the CFR Friars Community.


Missionary Weekly Schedule


Household chores at Fr. Benedict House



Daily responsibilities / Apostolate
7:30 PM Weekly planning meeting



Daily Responsibilities / Apostolate
Sister joins for Holy Hour and dinner at Fr. Benedict House

Lectio Divina



Daily Responsibilities / Apostolate
Join sisters for Holy Hour and dinner at the convent



Day Off



Daily Responsibilities / Apostolate
or day off when there is a Sunday apostolate



Morning Prayer and Mass with the sisters. Day off, except twice a month when there will be a Sunday apostolate.

Missionary Daily Schedule


6:15 AM       Rise

6:45 AM       Depart for Mass

7:00 AM       Mass

7:45 AM       Personal Prayer

8:30 AM       Morning Prayer & Breakfast

 Followed by Chores or  Apostolate

12:00 PM      Angelus & Lunch

  Followed by Chores or  Apostolate

3:00 PM       Free Time

5:00 PM        Holy Hour with Evening Prayer

6:00 PM        Dinner

8:40 PM        Rosary

10:30 PM      Lights Out

for more details or to apply,

please contact

Sr. Ann Kateri, CFR


10 N. Mississippi Ave.
Atlantic City, NJ 08401