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St. Clare Convent

On September 24, 2009 (the feast of Our Lady of Walsingham) we opened the doors of the first convent of the CFR Sisters outside of New York. Traveling to England for Youth 2000 retreats had already been a regular part of evangelization efforts for a full decade before we opened our convent at the invitation of the Bishop of Leeds. St. Clare Convent is "home base" for four sisters who spend a great deal of time traveling the country responding to the invitation of numerous parishes and secondary schools to give witness to the Gospel and share the beauty of religious life to the next generation. While in their own neighborhood of Halton Moor, the sisters lead the youth in adoration at the surrounding schools, hold a women's prayer group (Handmaids) and serve those in need. 

St. Clare Convent

19 Neville Road


calling from the USA


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