Convent of San Damiano

Named after the convent in Assisi where Saint Clare lived and died this convent serves as the novitiate for our community. After a woman makes the step to be invested, the religious life truly begins! The new sister moves into the novitiate and is under the loving formation of a Novice Directress for two years of preparation for her consecration.

Having been called to a closer following of Jesus Christ through the profession of poverty, chastity and obedience, the novice needs time for deeper prayer and study so to become more and more conformed to the One who has called her. The novitiate is a grace-filled time in the life of a sister which lays the firm foundation for a life of joyful fidelity.

Our New Novices


Sr. Mary Joseph, Sr. Solanus Mary, Sr. Clara Marie, Sr. Fidelis Marie

Sr. Rosa's First Vows

Convent of San Damiano

1661 Haight Avenue 
Bronx, New York 10461