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I was recruited to play softball at West Point, and it was there at the Academy that I began to really immerse myself in the Sacraments of the Church.

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By 2018, I became burnt-out at my ER job and decided to try mission nursing full time, as missions were the times I really loved being a nurse.  I travelled to South Sudan with Catholic Medical Mission Board and worked for one year at a small rural hospital, hoping to finally find my place in the world.

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One semester I participated in a "busy student retreat."  I was not in the practice of having daily quality time with the Lord.  My guide was a religious sister and, while I wasn't particularly drawn to her way of life, as I met with her the thought pierced my heart - "What if I'm called to be a sister?"

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Throughout my school years, I discovered a deep love of learning and put a lot of time and energy into academics.  However, it was through involvement in the Church that my heart came alive, that I had community.  In the Church I was most free and at home.

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At the age of 18 I went backpacking through New Zealand, living solely for myself. During that time I began to ache for something deeper than the instant gratifications the world had to offer.

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