In visiting the CFR sisters, I met the living expression of my innermost joy and love, a place that seemed to be designed for my heart in every detail. Especially the life of prayer, centered on the Eucharist, was exactly what I was looking for and everything about it felt so natural to me. In spending time with the sisters my heart was filled with a deep joy. It was as if Jesus showed me a family and a home that He Himself prepared for me. I was finally at peace. With God's grace and the intercession of Our Lady, I entered on September 30, 2018. 



Here in this community I found a place where I could be authentically myself while radically living out the Gospel – I felt at home. The day I submitted the application, I had a phone call with the vocations directress and she said, “Now Natalie, I don’t know if I’ve told you the entrance date for this year, but it’s September 29th.” After hearing that detail I was in shock, as it was the same date Our Lady told me! It was a pure gift of reassurance, and I was moved to a deeper trust that my vocation is all in the Lord’s hands. The more I surrender to His Will for my life, the freer I will become. Life with Christ truly is a joyful adventure!


Mary Margaret

I learned of the CFRs from a few friends, and felt compelled to visit the sisters after noticing a webpage for the Fr. Solanus Soup Kitchen the sisters run in East Harlem.  When I arrived, I felt the desires of my heart for joy, simplicity, and a ministry of presence completely satisfied. I witnessed beauty beyond what I had desired in the sisters’ love for and attentiveness to one another.  I saw clearly a life modeling the spirituality of Fr. Solanus that I had always loved and felt I had found a home.  In May 2019, I graduated with my B.S. in chemistry and in God’s supreme generosity, moved to Blessed Solanus Casey Convent in September, with the first class of postulants to live in Fr. Solanus’ former home.