St. Michael Convent

On August 15, 2017 (the Assumption of Our Lady), St. Michael Convent in the Camden Diocese was dedicated by Bishop Dennis Sullivan and four CFR sisters have been serving in Atlantic City ever since! The sisters live at St. Michael’s Convent and have a drop-in center for the homeless next door to St. Nicholas Tolentine Church. The drop-in center is called Fr. Benedict House named after Fr. Benedict Groeschel, CFR one of the eight founders of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal.

The building also serves as a formation house for the St. Michael Missionaries who work alongside the sisters and live a life of community, prayer, and ministry. The sisters have an expansive outreach to the very poor and needy of the Atlantic City area as well as apostolates of evangelization. 

Volunteer Opportunities at

St. Joseph Shelter

In Quaremba Hall, 15 N. Georgia Ave, Atlantic City





Night shifts:      8:30pm-7:00am Monday through Thursday nights

                           (3 volunteers to stay the night - at least 1 man and 1                                  woman each night)



Hospitality:        6:00pm-8:30pm Monday through Thursday nights

                           (8 volunteers to receive people as they come in and                                   serve dinner)



Intercessors:     6:30pm-8:00pm Monday through Thursday nights in St.                             Michael Church. (No need to sign up for this, just come                           and pray and intercede for the shelter during the                                       evening intake time. At  7:30pm we will bring over some                           of the shelter guests to pray the rosary together)



Set up teams:    1:00-3:00pm Mondays through Thursdays

                            (4 volunteers to help our missionaries to prep the                                        spaces for the next night)



Dinner cooks:    Monday through Thursdays. Enough for 50 people

                             -Has to be cooked in a certified kitchen (you can use                                the kitchen in Quaremba Hall) Let us know what time                                  you’re arriving to cook and if you are staying to serve.                               ***you need to bring proof of a negative TB test result                              before you come to cook***

5 First Saturdays

10am-1pm at St. Michael Church

Saturday, February 5

Saturday, March 5

Saturday, April 2

Saturday, May 7

Saturday, June 4

St. Michael Convent

10 N. Mississippi Ave.
Atlantic City, NJ 08401


For more information about volunteering
at the Fr. Benedict House,
or at the St. Joseph Winter Shelter

please contact
Sr. Joseph at 609-343-1545