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It was Monday morning, and I was exhausted. My foot was in pain, yet the walk to Mass was ten minutes or fifteen at my pace. As I stepped out the front door, I made a decision of the heart - to smile. On a Monday morning in New York City to smile at other people felt like a huge penance. Like most penances, it began with great effort. I smiled and said, “Good morning,” to the first few people I passed. Some acknowledged me, most didn’t. As I continued walking, smiling became less painful and even a joy.

On one corner I was caught waiting for the walk signal alongside a young mom and her seven-year-old son. They were running late for school and looked frazzled. The mom was taken back by my simple greeting. She shared, “We barely got out of bed this morning, and here you are smiling away. You must be having a great day.” Well, it was Monday, and I was tired and sore, but I chose to give myself away. My loaves and fishes were a sincere smile and a friendly greeting. The labor of love became the joy of giving, and I hope, a little light to those I encountered. Who knew almsgiving could be as simple as a smile?

Sr. Elizabeth Marie, CFR



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