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The Rose

Being a sister in temporary vows, I had the privilege of renewing them recently. Later that day, a beautiful rose “appeared” in my room as a gift to me in honor of my vows. I have experienced this kind of thoughtful deed many times from my sisters, but for some reason, this rose impressed itself upon me in a unique way.

The following day I placed it in the chapel right next to the tabernacle. Again, I have placed many vases of flowers in the chapel, but I felt a particular delight in seeing this one so close to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. It was a striking rose—very full and vibrantly red. Each time I entered the chapel over the next several days, I was greeted by this welcome sight.

As I reflected on why this rose had struck such a chord, I realized it was because the rose had become an icon of me. Whenever I left the chapel, the rose remained close to Jesus. Scripture tells us that before sending His disciples out to do things, Jesus first desired them to just be with Him. Although I have many tasks to do and places to be throughout the day, I can leave my heart with Jesus in the chapel, leaning close to His Heart—which is what He wants above all else.

Sr. Thérèse, CFR



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