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Come & See Visits

We offer monthly “come and see” experiences beginning on a Wednesday and ending the following Sunday.  We view our come and see opportunities as an apostolate in the service of the whole Church by providing an opportunity for young women to have an experience of life in the convent. Participating in a come and see with other young women from all over the country who are also discerning provides a natural support. Our aim is to accompany young women who are seeking to discover their call and to help each one to take the next best step in her life of discipleship.

If you are interested in visiting us for a "come and see" retreat,

fill out our inquiry form below and we will contact you with more information.

 European Come & See Dates

St. Anthony's Convent, Drogheda, Ireland

29 March - 2 April 2023


If you currently live in Europe and would like to find out more, please also fill out an Inquiry Form.

An interview with a sister is required prior to visiting.

For more information on discerning with the

CFR Sisters in Europe please call

Sr. Agnes at (+353) 899884609

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