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God Saves

“She will bear a Son and you are to name Him Jesus, because He will save His people from their sins.” – Matthew: 1:21

Jesus – God’s name is Jesus. God could have chosen any name, and He chose the name Jesus. I was pondering this a couple of weeks ago. God chose a name that means “God saves.” And God doesn’t do anything arbitrarily. It’s almost as if He said, “The most important thing I want you know to know about me is that I save – I am Savior.” He could have revealed to us so many different attributes through His name. He could have told us that He is all-powerful or all-knowing, that He is King, that He is Creator, Ruler, or Lord of all. And He is all these things. But, when He chose to reveal His name, to reveal Who He is for us, God chose “Jesus” – God saves.

In the midst of these unique times, these trying times, God says to us in His very Name, “I am here to save you.” If we find ourselves overwhelmed by trying to figure things out or to handle the next curve ball of the pandemic, we have only to turn to God and say His Name – Jesus. There is tremendous power in this Name. And maybe this is just the reminder we need. I need a Savior. Jesus, I need You. Jesus, come and save me. Jesus. And He comes. He always comes.

Sr. Maria Teresa, CFR



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