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The Stranger in the Lifeboat

Friday Book Pick: The Stranger in the Lifeboat by Mitch Albom

The Galaxy was a modern luxury yacht—to the point of extravagance. The people invited on board were the rich and the famous—to the point of extravagance. They included a former president, media moguls, millionaires, and entrepreneurs. It was meant to be a luxury cruise crossed with a “think tank” made up of just the sort of people with the potential to “change the world.” And it was right on course until The Galaxy exploded and the luxury cruise became a fight for life.

Ten survivors of the shipwreck find themselves clinging to life in a small raft on the open ocean. Three days have gone by since The Galaxy sank and with no signs of rescue planes or boats, hope is waning. Suddenly they spot a man floating in the water. After pulling him into the raft one of the survivors, Nina, says “Thank the Lord we found you.” To which the mysterious man replies, “I am the Lord.”

So begins a thought-provoking tale, a modern parable about the vulnerabilities inherent in human life and the role of faith. Among the ten who make it into the lifeboat are the rich and famous alongside a deckhand, two cooks and a child. The ten survivors are stripped of the external labels that so often divide us, and are left with only the common human denominators intact—the things that have the potential to unite us.

This latest novel by Mitch Albom is thought provoking and interesting, and it brings the important questions such as those about life and death, freedom and faith, into the forefront for reflection. I enjoyed The Stranger in the Lifeboat enough to read it again, and to recommend it!

Mother Clare



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