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Time for God

Friday Book Pick: Time for God

By Jacques Philippe

In straightforward and simple language, Fr. Jacques Philippe explains what prayer is and what dispositions will help you to stick with it.

Fr. Philippe puts the emphasis on God not on man. He stresses God’s desire, God’s initiative, God’s love. The central idea of the book is that “our first task in mental prayer, instead of offering or doing anything for God, is to let ourselves be loved by Him like very small children.” He emphasizes that we are giving God the joy of loving us when we pray. God’s action primary. That kind of takes the pressure off, doesn’t it?

Father is trying to get across to his readers that God is the Source, He is the one calling, He is drawing us. The Father is not disinterested in His children. As for our part? We are to respond. God invites, we come. He sets the table, we dine. God opens His arms, we run into His embrace.

There are other valuable lessons in this small book, such as the centrality of love over “lights” or insights. The necessity of simplicity over complexity. The possibility of communion with God the Father through the humanity of Jesus. In short, Fr. Philippe invites us to become like children who, knowing their Father’s love, want nothing more than to be where He is.

He talks about the stages of prayer and about what helps and hinders prayer, too—all of which is stated in the most simple and understandable manner. So, if you have been intimidated by books about the interior mansions (St. Theresa of Avila) or dark nights (St. John of the Cross) or maybe by many rules (St. Ignatius of Loyola), this small book, which stands on the truths of the others, could be for you a solid and beautiful beginning.

I hope you get it, and it helps you to begin, or restart, a prayer life. God eagerly desires this.

Mother Clare



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