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Did you give up anything for Lent? How’s it going? One year in college I gave up music while driving. It nearly killed me! I even thought of taking public transportation or walking everywhere simply to stay tuned in. Yet, in the end, I was stuck because I was sticking to my promise to God. What would I do without music? It felt like water or air to me. Silence?! Really?! Impossible. Uncomfortable. Impossible? No. Uncomfortable? Yes. 

At first it was extremely uncomfortable. Yet, little by little I learned to accept the silence. In fact, I came to desire, and even long for a peaceful, quiet space in my day. Sometimes I would talk aloud, and at other times I simply enjoyed the silence. Eventually, I began to listen. Fasting from music made it possible for me to hear another voice - the voice of the Good Shepherd. I loved hearing His voice. His voice was always sweet, gentle, honest, loving, forgiving. He would say, “Come, follow me… You are mine...I am with you always … Be not afraid… I forgive you… I love you.” 

Surprisingly the silence, which at first was uncomfortable and clumsy, became my favorite time of the day. I can honestly say my life was never the same after that Lent. So, what did you give up for Lent? It’s not too late begin again. Maybe by Easter your life will be different forever. For myself, I surely hope so.  

Sr. Elizabeth Marie, CFR



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