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God Is With Us

In Silence, In quiet

In almost obscurity

            There You are.

Content to be small, seemingly insignificant

Hidden from unperceptive souls

            There You remain.

So often forgotten…left alone

Rejected and despised

            Here with us You stay.

Patiently waiting for a glance of the heart

Exposed and vulnerable all for love


            And yet…


To the one who sees…

            Divinity veiled in humility

            The King of Kings and Lord of Lords

To the one who hears…

            Words of everlasting life

            A melody of love beyond all telling

To the one who tastes…

            Healing, Mercy


To the one who smells…

            A fragrance of love

too sweet for words.


God, you are with us.

You are truly with us.

Open our eyes, to see what is not seen

Open our ears, to hear what is not heard

To taste, to touch, to smell this presence of Yours

To Faith, open wide the doors!

~Sr. Emmanuel Fiat, CFR


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