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Going With You

Sea stretching out

immense like You,

strong—pulling, colliding

rising and falling

moving from a force so deep

somehow all united

so much life beneath

Only He could hold it

and He holds me

I can’t see

anything on the horizon ahead

or the one behind

“Don’t look at the sea,

look at Me.

think of the goal

that you can’t see...”


to be with You always

Like a fisherman

who can’t see the shore

I look at the compass

You’ve given me

Just keep going the right direction—

with You,

with You,

with You

until we make it to “always”

You gave me a compass

like the star You gave the Magi

I hold You in the Eucharist

then You hold me,

like the sea

Holy Spirit,

Divine Indwelling

steering perfectly

especially when I can’t see

The Magi didn’t know

what it’d look like, be like

at the end

they just followed the star

west, west, west

“Going into the house

they saw the child with Mary, his mother…”

one day or night

they made it!

“They fell down

and worshipped Him.”

O what will it be like

that day or night?

When we glimpse,

reach, the shore,

When we go

into Your home from the sea

to stay with you always

Sr. Josephine, CFR


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