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  • CFR Sisters

“I Will Give You Rest”

Fresh-deepening green

of bough unfurled and

ground to heaven reaching,

seeds sprung new,

all splashed through with

palette’s richest hues

let fly from the

Artist’s hand—

God enrobes creation

finer than Solomon’s best.

I pause here

enveloped in beauty’s rest

a wayfarer weary, spent.

Joy springs—dare I let it grow?

Nature’s tiny conqueror

overthrows the world,

and I would be restored?

Fresh life bursts forth

from rock and deeper still,

upward-flowing, over-spilling

robed in light, Father-bound

with souls in His embrace.

The Victor offers

weary, wandering hearts a place

in Him to rest.

Here, then, I stay—

a breath of fragrant spring may

recall Life’s triumph,

but tarry not—be from earth

to heaven lifted, there

where joy flows full.

“Yes,” says He,

“Beloved, be restored

In Me, the unconquered,

unconquerable, Risen Lord.”

Sr. Cecilia Francis, CFR


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