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In Silence and Peace

You have set my soul in silence and in peace.

Analyzing, criticizing, theorizing...

all this must cease.

Only You know my depths,

the inner workings of my soul -

places even I do not understand or know.

I must only take up my place, rightly at Your feet,

where You and I,

I and You, alone, may meet.

Who am I?

The world has so much to say.

But on Your breast, on Your heart, on Your every word

I choose to lay.

Letting it sink into the depths of me

Yes, me:

Precious, chosen, desired – totally free.

Free to believe what You say or to throw it aside.

To sit, to stay, to listen – or to run and hide.

I want to believe.

No, I need to believe

every truth, every word of love,

all of You to receive.

My heart and my flesh, they cry out for You

And Your heart and Your flesh – they cry out for me too.

Sr. Emmanuel, CFR


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