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Jesus…You Are Here

My heart is breaking the sorrow building

in the night

dark and drear as the silence grows ever deeper death seems all around so many lives alone and yet united in the dark suffering rising up like waves of the ocean truth be told, sadness has invaded my bones it grips my heart and I don’t know what to do with myself I feel helpless, Lord my prayers seem like tossed sand on the shore and I feel scared of the unknown the possibility of harm coming to my family to all those I love

It is morning dusk the light and dark dancing to make an illuminated grey perhaps, it is the cloud where You dwell, Lord in Mystery dark yet illuminated in pain and hope in the whispers just beyond and yet somehow intertwined with our reality Jesus, I don’t understand but I don’t want to move either to run away hide or escape the temptation is indeed tempting but I look at the Cross I see You there and I know You are here when all seems lost and the darkness has swallowed the light You are here lifting us up out of death into life opening wide the road home to the Father Whose eyes do not cease to see His children Whose heart does not cease to long to hold each one You are here, Jesus saving us beyond what I see or feel You are here, Jesus we are not alone I am not alone You are here, Jesus with me

and so I stay and wait clinging to the hope I have in You

“I came that you might have life,” You said, Jesus “to the fullest” I believe help my unbelief.

Sr. Antonia, CFR


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