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Little Things

As the world “pauses,”

My heavy heart seeks hope,

And my weary soul wonders, “How long?”

In the midst of what seems dark,

The Lord responds with tender words,

“Behold, I make all things new” (Rev. 21:5).

Perceiving His presence within and around me

I rest for a moment

To receive what He offers

New eyes to see the little things:

The silver sliver of the moon

The turtledoves nesting, twig by twig

The flowering colors of spring

New ears to hear the little things:

“Good morning” from a passing stranger

The soothing voice of one familiar

His whispers in the stillness

New heart to know the little things:

The need for Another

The priority of prayer

The gift of having less

New mind to think the little things:

This too shall pass

One day at a time

I am not alone

New voice to speak the little things:

How are you

I’m sorry

I love you

And with gratitude I realize as this new grace rises

That the things I thought were so little

Need not be little anymore.

Sr. Catherine Mary, CFR


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