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Surprised By God

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

You thought you knew what lay ahead

You had your plans

A quiet life

Simple, predictable

And then in a moment unforeseen

A beam of light

A figure commanding awe

A request beyond imagining

There was uncertainty in your heart

But not confusion

Your choice would change your course

You stepped forward

Into the great unknown yet knew,

The Lord was holding you.

O holy Mother Mary, you were ready to be surprised by God.

I thought I knew what lay ahead

I had my plans

Simple, somewhat predictable

And then came this moment unforeseen

A time of darkness

A desire for security

A summons to let go

Inspired by your confidence, O holy Mother Mary,

Teach me how to surrender with trust

How to lay down my plans

How to see the loving hand of God holding me

O Mary, teach me how to always be ready,

Ready to be surprised by God.

Sr. Catherine Mary, CFR


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