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The Myrrh-Bearers

Through misty morning stillness

faithfully they tread,

arms’ costly load reckoned nearly nought.

They go to soothe the Wounded One

though the hour has fled.

Love’s desire even time will not halt.

How small it seems, the myrrh they bear

drawn up against the weight of Life laid down.

But love will not be stayed

nor by death nor grave, their

honor must be given,

a balm unto their own grief-laden hearts.

Struck by darkness and by light,

o’erdazzling to the eyes that cannot see—

the cavern door, angelic radiance,

words of hope and mystery.

They may not linger at an empty tomb;

the sheep must Shepherd seek

anew, among the living.

In confusion, joy and fear

they turn their steps to the path again.

Unquenched yearnings summon Love’s response.

He greets them on the road, along the way—

For Love, indeed, has not been stayed

by time nor death nor grave.

And in His light of Life all grief,

all darkness melt away.

Dic nobis Maria, quid vidisti in via?

Surrexit Christus spes mea.


Sr. Cecilia, CFR


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