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Trust Check

What is trust? 

How am I doing with God? 

With my family?

It is trust

to be able to lean on another.

It is not trust

to do it myself so I don’t really have to depend on someone else.

It is trust

to let my real weakness be seen.

It is not trust

to hide, to avoid.

It is trust 

to expect good things from God and my loved ones.

It is not trust

to let dread linger in my thoughts.

It is trust

to pray for help and take a risk.

It is not trust

to not try.

Lately, I’ve felt convicted to exercise the virtue of trust more intentionally.  In my prayer one day, I sensed God the Father saying to me with a little smile, “What if a newborn baby tried to hold up its own head?  Wouldn’t that be kind of funny?  It’s not supposed to, and neither are you supposed to hold yourself up.  Lean a little more, My child.  Expect a little more, My child.  Dread a little less, My child.” And from Psalm 46, “[I am for you] a refuge and strength, a helper close at hand…”  Perhaps it could be an uplifting word for you too.

Have you heard the country song, “It’s a Great Day to Be Alive?”  You should listen to it; it goes with this reflection.  In case it helps you to find it on YouTube, the first line is something like, “I’ve got rice cookin’ in the microwave…”  The refrain in particular is a good one to get stuck in your head for a little increase of gratitude and trust!

     Sr. Josephine, CFR



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