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Through The Eyes Of St. Joseph

It is in wonder and awe that I see,

My flawless spouse before me.

Brought together by God in marriage

To protect the Infant King I cherish.

Who am I to receive God’s daughter, my bride?

So pure and innocent, His Mercy so wide,

Mary, chosen to be the Mother of all,

My bride’s ‘yes’ will aid in Redemption after the Fall.

Who am I, a poor and simple carpenter?

To give shelter and protection, but I heard from God’s messenger:

Do not fear! She’s conceived by the Holy Spirit!

I’ve heard there will be a Messiah – to care for Him – I could not merit.

With my life I’ll give praise to the One,

For the generous gift of protecting His Son.

I’ll spend my days in love and labor,

For chastity and purity, I’ll be God’s martyr.

Who am I to teach the Son of God?

Not my own, but His Glory will I laud!

Come close and adore this King of kings.

He’s Who you long for – your salvation He brings.


My father, St. Joseph, I seek your aid and protection.

Take to Jesus and Mary the prayers that I mention.

If I look through your eyes, I can begin to understand,

What Gift! A marriage – received from God’s Hand.

Christ’s very Presence, wed in sublime mystery,

He comes to me, veiled in simplicity.

Who am I to receive Christ’s Sacred Flesh and Blood?

His love sweeps over me like a flood.

St. Joseph will you teach me to guard and protect,

And give my life that I may reflect,

God’s love, made visible through the Church today,

That you first saw in Jesus, a Babe, asleep on the hay.


Sr. Mary Joseph, CFR Novice


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